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What is air compressor? How do we choose? Hsingyow Industrial, Agent of Fusheng in central region. Inverter Type, Screw Type, Silent Type Air Compressor

1. Our Principle:
HSING YOW was established on March 5th, 2000. It has been more than a decade. We are the agent of FUSHENG in Taichung Region, specializing in the configurations, sales, services, and maintenances with the best quality and requirement. We insist the ideas for client first and sustainable operation to provide the most excellent products and services to clients. The attitude to pursue excellence with enthusiasm makes works become a part of beautiful life. In this diversified era, we become a customer-oriented servicer.

2. Major Products:


1. Air Compressor:
    a. Air-cooled Reciprocating (oil-free) Air Compressor
     b. Silent Type Air-Cooled Air Compressor      
     c. (Inverter) Screw Type Air Compressor
     d. (Inverter) Water Lubricated Screw Type Air Compressor
     e. Reciprocating Double Acting Oil Free Air Compressor
     f. Mitsui Seiki Screw Air Compressor originated from Japan Design
2. Compressed Air Dryer:
     a. Refrigerated Air Dryer
     b. Desiccant Air Dryer
3. Other Equipment:
     a. Precision Filter
     b. Lubricant
     c. Air Tank
peripheral product related to air compressor

3. Service Spirit:
1. Free inspection tour once per one or two months => Let clients operate the machine safety.
2. Any issue from clients can be processed at site within 24 hours and within 4 hours for emergency.
3. Customer Service around year without break => maintenance can be done on customers’ off-day

4. Honor:
In these years, we have been awarded several honors by Fusheng headquarter, Service Provider of Excellent Performance, Champion of Taichung Region, and Beyond Peak. We wish to provide better products and service quality to clients by upholding the spirit of hard work. This is the eternal goal that we strive.